Statkraft’s Tofte Wood Chip Manufacturing site.

Statkraft’s Tofte wood chip manufacturing site is now in full operation. The site stores large volumes of different grades of round wood, and then processes these into energy chips with fully adjustable moisture content from 20-55%. Statkraft then ships these customer-specific wood chips to European customers under spot to long term contracts.

Whereas our competitors sell byproduct wood chips, we have decided to design our operation to provide exactly what an energy customer needs. We can review your entre power plant design, from your berth to your fabric filters, and design a wood chip solution that will maximise your profitability. We can adjust chip size distribution, fines, density, moisture, and chemistry. We use our torage space to procure and store the right types of wood fibre, and after appropriate storage and drying, we will load vessels from 2,000 tonnes to 45,000 tonnes.

Our Tofte site can store up to 100,000 t of logs, plus 50,000 t wood chip and bark and will be able to store up to 15-20,000 t of wood pellets.

Sustainability is critical for our customers, and so our operations have been audited for compliance with PEFC, FSC and SBP. Details here.

The site will soon host a second-generation biofuels project, being developed by Silva Green Fuel (51% Statkraft, 49% Sodra). Click here for more detail.

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