Site Features

Site Features   Warehouses, Local Forestry, and Deep Berths

Energy Chips –
Designed for you
Dedicated biomass terminal with 5 berths
Site specific
  • Up to 100,000 mt of log roundwood

  • 50,000 mt of wood chips

  • Covered storage up to 15,000-20,000t of industrial pellets

  • 1 Panamax nontidal deep water berth, Capability to discharge large vessels

  • 12 m draft/ 200m LOA restriction, no beam restriction

  • 3 shallow short sea berths suitable for European cargo

  • 2 barge berths suitable for deliveries of local wood fuel

  • Ice free all year round

  • Nontidal

  • Direct access to local wood chip and roundwood

Forestry Areas

Images courtesy of Pöyry Management Consulting